Our Christmas Closures 2019


We will be closing our offices from 24th – 27th December (inclusive) this year.

This means our phones will not be active and our emails will not be consistently monitored, but voicemails and emails left over that time frame will be picked up week commencing 30th December if not before.

Online bookings for Stay Compliant courses will remain open via our website, but you may not receive our full course details until slightly later than usual (an automated confirmation email will be sent immediately following the booking).

For our contracted clients who have a managed service with us, our usual channels of communication will remain open for you should you have any urgent enquiries over the festive period and we will endeavour to respond within the usual response time frames. As always, please bear this in mind if you have a time sensitive inquiry.

Further Stay Compliant 2020 course dates will be released soon, if you would like to be informed of these please get in touch to be added to our mailing list.

Upcoming Stay Compliant courses available for booking:

For a full list of all courses available for booking, please click the ‘upcoming courses’ tab at the top of the page.

If you are interested in our Managed Service option, please get in touch.

Taking on a Managed Service with us means we will be at your disposal for data protection queries and concerns. It also means we can provide multiple services under one budget, from policy writing to audit reviews, to a simple question about CCTV. It works on purchasing time by hours, how you spend the hours is up to you. It also means we can be available for advice and guidance, when you need it most.

[email protected] or call 01274 562630.